" Empowerment Through Art"
November 14th to 20th TEARS to host –Global Enterpenuership week at The Stem Hotel. A joint UNIDO, HP, MEA-I, JUNIOR ARCHIVEMENT,CAROLINA for KIBERA -TAKA NI PATO , ALTAWOON TRUST -KOROGOCHO and YOUTH CONSORTIUM KENYA.

In February 2011 TEARS received grant from Pangea (Giving for global Change)for social enterprise and sustainability.The Grant will support  procurement of three  Industrial sewing machine,Printing  machine,enhancing Sound equipment,buying of a new Tent (gazibo) and supporting of Business Development  Manager.The Social Enterprise project to be fully operational by end of May 2011.Services to be offered to include school uniforms and Kits,casual wear ( Jeans among other designs)branding services for different companies and organization.In addition the project wills also provide events management services to potential clients and partners.

In June 2011 TEARS to Host iLEAP: Centre for Critical Serveices Executive Director and President  -Dr.Bitt Yammamoto.All interested fellows and applicant in ILEAP International Fellowship Program to have an opportunity for a two day social change training program.iLEAP :Centre for Critical Service is an Seattle based non profit specialized in creating and facilitating learning opportunity for both local and international organization through fellowship programs.The program focuses on bringing mid level proffessionals in three months program in Seattle  to have reflections in their leadership,learn more on social change and reconstruction,Social digital media ,collaboration and sustainability.TEARS Executive Director share his experience withhis community and accross network in Kenya,find out more while engaging with Raphael Okumu and experience change .

TEARS to launch its new communication strategy.
In September 2011 TEARS to Host Pangea President .This will be second visit and is expected to enhance partnership and learning opportunity for both organization.
Please see TEARS work  in its partners  publication ( Family Health International /FHI  APHIA II Rift Valley Project,HP LIFE Community among others)

October 2010 TEARS Enhances its Partnership with HP L.I.F.E through United Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) ,Hewlett Packard and Micro Enterprise Accelleration -Institute (MEA-I).The partnership seek to enhanance TEARS programs towards use of Information Communication Techonology in business training and development  from an idea to implementation through application of HPL.I.F.E.

September TEARS hosted – President of PANGEA ,Allan Paulson and Jerry Fireman (PANGEA member liaison TEARS ) for three weeks tour in Kenya.

July TEARS hosted –SIEMENS Foundation (Germany) , visited TEARS for African tour.

iLEAP on July 14th, 2011 –Since departing Kenya on July 2nd, just two days after holding the workshop on social innovation and leadership at the Great Rift Valley Sports Club in partnership with TEARS Group Kenya, iLEAP just received an update from Raphael of TEARS stating that the E.A. Social Innovation Forum members came together in their first independent meeting.  A message from Raphael.
In the year 2013 TEARS Group Kenya been funded by KCDF to enhance enterprenuership skills among the youth through business skill training and coaching.The project involves formation of youth groups who will be trained on enterprenuership after which we as an organisation will be able to link them up to our partners for them to access some start up capital which will help them initiate there business thus being independed and sustainable
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April ,TEARS Group Kenya Hosted PYE -Global President and Founder , Charlie Murphy on 27th -30th April 11( Charlie Murphy is based  in London ,an Ashoka Fellow and a Music Award winner,he is also known and recognized globaly for his active role in arts as catalyst for  change.
The commissioning of Film and theatre department was held at the CDE training centre on 17th May 2014.The function was attended by friends and family of TEARs group Kenya and it started at 10 AM.
Training of Trainers (TOT) JPGEWE program focusing on training the youth and women on enterprenuership based on HPLIFE e-learning program.This is an ongoing program from 2014 - 2015.Partners include UNIDO,HP,MSEA,KIE,ILO
TGK celebrating 15 years on 17th December 2015 in community led programs,event taking place at Jarika Country Lodge Join us in celebrating the change we have initiated and particpated in,in our community

KCDF Community Open Day on 31st July 2015.TEARS Group Kenya emerged the 1st runners up in the innovative category and won an award.The event focused on showcasing the richness and diversity of our innovative community empowerment and capacity development solutions, strategies and products.
Currently (April 2015) the organization is developing its strategic plan that will lay the structure of its operations in the next 5 years to come.
Music Trainees at our Music School launch there project

Project: ERASMUS PROGRAMME- Skills for Managing Art (SMART) 2016
TEARs Group Kenya is currently undertaking the SMART projects that focuses on Skills for managing the Arts:Open educational Resources and Experiatial Learning in support of youth entrepreneurship and employment in the Arts and Creative sector.

MAUN International Fsetivals starting from 22nd - 30th October TEARS Group Kenya is the representative from Kenya
Project: Capacity Building Using Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) 2016
TEARs Group Kenya is currently undertaking a capacity building project funded by Global South in Consultancy  with Action Aid to introduce human rights based approaches towards social change through Art