" Empowerment Through Art"

Project: Capacity Building Using Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) 2016
TEARs Group Kenya is currently undertaking a capacity building project funded by Global South in Consultancy  with Action Aid to introduce human rights based approaches towards social change through Art

Project: Strategic Plan Development (KCDF) 2015
TEARS group Kenya is in the process of developing a strategic plan for the next five years.This process has been funded courtesy of KCDF.

Project: Training of Trainers (TOT) under the JPGEWE (UNIDO,MSEA,KIE,ILO,HP 2014-2015)
This program is focusing on training of trainers on HPLIFE entrepreneurship program for various participants from different counties in Kenya. The program is aimed at diversifying the community through economic empowerment through entrepreneurship skills
Project: Creation of Youth Enterprise Support Unit (KCDF)
This is an ongoing project in 2013 which is focused on empowering the youth with skills that will enable them become better enterprenuers hence leading to creation of employement.The youth's will be able to achieve this level of skills through mentorship,training and coaching which the project is focused on

Project: Creation of the Business Resource Center (UNIDO,PANGEA, HP)
TGK received some funding from UNIDO, PANGEA and a Grant from HP to establish the business resource center.This is a one of a kind project that has lead to the creation of state of the art modern resource center where enterprenuership skills, mentorship and creation of youth enterprise support units (YESU) takes place.The center was setup by the end of 2012.

Bridging the digital and computer literacy among the local communities for social entrepreneurship and social network

This is a current ongoing partnership with Helward Packard (HP), Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I) and United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) focusing on impacting ICT skills and digital literacy on communication and social enterprise.

Project: Coaching and leadership developments through iLEAP International fellowship program in USA supported by PANGEA (Giving for Global Change) 2010 to date

TEARS received a scholarship from PANGEA for the Executive Director Leadership development on Collaboration, Social Digital Media, network and partnership building and sustainability in USA with iLEAP: Centre for Critical service. The Scholarship facilitated a platform for TEARS to create an International learning community with locals on leadership development, alliance building and collaboration through a cross cultural training and experience. TEARS is current a faculty partner with iLEAP: Centre for Critical services seeking to facilitate international experiential exchange; learning and a member of international networks and nonprofit across the globe.

Project: Arts Academy for decent livelihoods training on talents and informal skills .

TEARS with support from UNHABITAT & Janivo Foundation has reached over 400 young persons with life skills ,entrepreneurship and technical skills on their talents .This project was initiated by TEARS in 2007 before the post election violence and has contributed greatly on training the participants as agent of peace while undergoing the training at TEARS Arts & Peace skills Village.

Project: Youth Civic Engagement and Enterprise development 2006 to date suppotedc by World Bank and Japan Social development program through KCDF.

In the wake of the post election violence in the early part of 2008, Nakuru was the epicenter of the violence. Idle youth were a target for both of the warring parties. TEARS was contracted by KCDF to assist the community in Rift Valley in the healing process and peace building.
The project involved mobilizing, training and facilitating peace, reconciliation and conflict resolution sessions within the internally displaced persons. Focusing on building youth as entrepreneurs and peace agents through Community theatre techniques ,entrepreneurship training and peace camps to  different communities .TEARS was also Sub granted by KCDF in 2010 to host Shabaa project ( a project on leadership and enterprise supported by International Labor organization (ILO) & World Bank) after following successful years of project support and funding. The KCDF has funded TEARS on Institutional strengthening, Youth and peace building in the year 2006 up to date.

Project: AIDS Population and Health Intergrated Assistance (APHIA II RiftValley) through National Organization of Peer Educators funded by USAID-2009-10

TEARS was contracted by NOPE to support the informal workplace population and their families at informal settlement to deal with the challenges of HIV and AIDS and health related. This was against the background of an increase in the infection rates and a lack of dialogue among married couples and disclosure following the release of the Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey (KAIS 2007).
An emerging gap at the time of the survey was identified as the lack of communication on sex related issues, which being a taboo topic among most communities ende up fuelling the spread of HIV. TEARS through its community theatre approaches was able to develop strategies to challenge this notion and develop strategies to increase the opening up of discussions on matters related to sex among couples with the target group.

Project: Sustainable livelood trainings and behavior change communication, supported Global Funds through  National AIDS Control Council  ,Kenya 2009

TEARS received a grant to reach the young sex workers with behavior change communication and social entrepreneurship training on alternative livelihood skills. The project reached over 8,000 person with behavior change messages and trained 25 young women with enterprise skills.

Project: Pambazuko an Urban agriculture focusing on good nutrition, behavior change among the young sex workers and alternative livelihood skills 2009-10

This Project was supported by PANGEA to support the low income families with nutritional education, behavior change communication and alternative skills training to young sex workers in Nakuru .Kenya

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