" Empowerment Through Art"

If microenterprises are the backbone of the global economy, then young entrepreneurs are its lifeblood.
Yet many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world lack the skills to launch and build the small businesses that are vital to driving innovation, creating jobs and fueling economic opportunity.

Through the business resource center we have created a hub for aspiring entreprenuer trainings through the HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE). It is a global training program that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners develop essential IT and business skills.
Equipped with these skills-and driven by their ambition-young people worldwide can create opportunities to transform their lives and the lives of others in their communities.

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TEARS uses outreach activities to create community systems and platforms that support the ongoing initiatives of change. This outreaches are implemented through the theatre genre of magnet theatre, participatory peer led discussions, visual art and sporting events.

Over the last 15 years of TEARS experience in community service, TEARS has learnt and recognized that the high level of poverty in low incomes and informal settlements has accelerates high level of stigma & discrimination, social cultural practices, religious belief & practices, low level & quality of education as key factors determining behavior change process .The organization has worked with youth in informal employment (16-29years),young women and single parents families in livelihood skills training on health (family planning, HIV&AID, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Male circumcision ),food security ,life skills( dealing with attitudes and personal planning) ,social entrepreneurship and referrals to support network. This programs has been greatly implemented in Whole of Rift Valley with support from different partners like Global South, PANGEA, Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF),National Organization of PEER Education (NOPE) Family Health International, Janivo Foundation ,DSW ( German foundation) ,Hewlett Packard (HP),UNIDO, UNHABITAT, USAID among others for financial and technical Assistance. 


The Tears Art & Peace Empowerment Village (TAPEV) is a TEARS Group Kenya Project, under Art & Theatre Program established to enhance, utilize and empower the young talents and engage them in creative and innovative Art and Theatre development activities focusing on employment creation, education, leadership development and conflict management. The project is envisioned to build an empowered, healthy and independent youth through stimulating awareness and involvement in creating suitable solutions for youths at both the individual and institutional level. This is achieved through nurturing the young talents with Knowledge in Creative Art, Entrepreneurship and Life Skills.


TEARS has established different income generating projects for revenue collection to support its program services beyond donor support. The Organization strives to achieve this through hire of services and equipments such as Public Address system, entertainment, Tents, chairs events management and facilitation as well as sale of Cloth line products that ranges from school uniforms and other cloth line products. This unit is separate and independent with clear focus on raising revenue for TEARS community programs which helps the organisation sponsor needy youth to acquire different arts related skills.

TEARS strive to transform and enhance the capacity of local communities to take charge and ownership in supporting the development initiative within their local communities. This is aimed through enhanced community ownership and partnership to community projects supported by different development partners and stakeholders including the Government and donor agency,

It is our strategy,using Arts as a tool for leadership and entrepreneurship training. Where we nature this young artist on turning there skills into an entrepreneurial aspect  that helps them be self employed and we provide them with music training ,entrepreneurship training through HP LIFE and provide a platform for exposure for them as a Music Band or individual artists. We have been able to nature and grow a number of music bands which has created a self employment opportunity for this young and aspiring artists. Some of the music band we have created include: Harmonic sounds, Solfa Tamu Band ,Tamasha Band and now we are nurturing the Stallion Band and some of the individual artists we have been able to narture have been featured in Tusker project fame some as gospel musician amongs others
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